What's the Difference Between Outdoor Polyester and Outdoor Luxe Polyester?

We get asked a lot what's the difference between the Premier Prints Outdoor Polyester and their Outdoor Luxe Polyester.  Before we answer the question let's look and see what both fabrics have in common.  

What's the Same? 

Both fabrics are rated at 1000 UV hours. Both poly and luxe poly can resist bleach, dirt, water, and mold. Both outdoor fabrics are great for outdoor applications but are suitable for indoor use as well. A lot of people refer to these as indoor/outdoor fabrics. Both luxe and standard polyester fabrics are designed and printed in the United States. 

What's the Difference? 

The Premier Prints Luxe Polyester is a slightly heavier fabric and contains a noticeable two-way slub. This slub gives it the appearance of a woven fabric. See picture below: 

picture of fabric swatch of heavy outdoor fabric with two-way slub

Now, take a look at just the outdoor polyester by Premier Prints. As you can see there is no heavy slub present like on the Luxe version. 

picture of outdoor tspun polyester fabric made by premier prints

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